New Social Networking Site Unites Daughter Caregivers

July 12, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers No Comments

(C) Carolyn P Hartley Gut-wrenching, rip-your-heart-out tragedies catapulted April Koontz into a vision for the national organization she founded, Daughters Unite. April is confronting the secrecy of being a caregiver for her brother with mental illness/drug dependencies. She offers her story not only to help others but also to encourage families who constantly face the … Read More

Some1LikeYou: Finding Courage in a Child’s Amazing Story

July 10, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers No Comments

(C) Carolyn P Hartley If you could define a caregiver’s life in two words, it could be: Helpless and Hopeful. And if I may add one more, it would be: Intentional. Intentional about finding answers Intentional about sharing what you’ve learned Intentional about being amazed at the smallest wins. I met Makayla Allison quite accidentally … Read More

The Weight of Honor

November 7, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers No Comments

(C)  Carolyn P. Hartley, MLA At a time when patriotism divides our nation, the images of catastrophically wounded men and women whose stories are told in The Weight of Honor, will convict you to honor those who served, no matter how strongly you think you are right. The Weight of Honor, a documentary produced by Emmy-award … Read More

Help Your Loved One Die Well

October 11, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers No Comments

Copyright 2017, Carolyn P Hartley When it was my turn to say ‘good-bye’ to family and friends, my family and I talked to ministers, hospice nurses, authors, and health care professionals. We said a whole lot of prayers asking for love to fill the black hole stealing away space in our hearts. The conversations are … Read More

The Story Behind The Caregiver’s Toolbox

August 21, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers 2 Comments

. Carolyn Hartley and Peter Wong work through editorial revisions from publisher, Taylor Trade, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. Photo by Richie Elkins, Cre8tve Works (C) Carolyn P Hartley Really good books are the result of national events, smart people, and a lot of God intervention. The Caregiver’s Toolbox is so much bigger than Peter … Read More

Go Find Your Silver Platter

August 1, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers 1 Comment

  (  c) Carolyn P Hartley My most frequently asked question? Why did you write the book, The Caregiver’s Toolbox? My co-author, Peter Wong and I often change the way we answer that depending on how emotional we get. My story goes back to 2003 when my brother, Jim and I started saying our goodbyes. He … Read More

Saving Mom, 1500 Miles Away

May 19, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers 4 Comments

My mother was 93 years old and legally blind when she was diagnosed with large granular lymphocytic leukemia (LGLL), or a type of T-cell leukemia. LGLL is a slow-growing T-cell leukemia, more common in women than in men. The condition can go into remission with drug therapy for younger individuals who can tolerate immunosuppressive therapy. … Read More

Cool Tools for Health Aware Caregivers

May 8, 2017By Carolyn P HartleyCaregivers No Comments

(c) Carolyn Hartley, Co-Author, The Caregiver’s Toolbox Sleep will be interrupted three or four times tonight as an aging, restless parent gets up to use the bathroom. You listen for the rattle of the front door, grateful that your husband installed the double bolt so that Dad won’t wander the neighborhood in his pajamas again. … Read More