The Sacrifice 

In the shadow of Grapes of Wrath, Little Women, and Let us Now Praise Famous Men comes a family that seeks its way out of the Great Depression and dust-bowl conditions, standing side by side with tenant farmers as they battle to reclaim their land from corporations profiting from federal initiatives.

Emerging as the new matriarch in a family she inherited, young Adele Christina Quinlan Dawson Beck has experienced more joy and sorrow than most adults do in a lifetime. Orphaned at 15, she has become the oldest sibling to care for seven step sisters and an infant boy. August Beck, her stepfather and a Southern tenant farmer, demands she take the place of her mother who died in childbirth so that he can farm the land he lost in the Great Depression. While Adele’s heart is set on reconnecting with her grandmother in West Virginia, August promises to help her once he can earn back his land. Drought and dust bowl conditions weaken their chances.