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When it was my turn to say ‘good-bye’ to family and friends, my family and I talked to ministers, hospice nurses, authors, and health care professionals. We said a whole lot of prayers asking for love to fill the black hole stealing away space in our hearts. The conversations are so much easier to write about in The Caregiver’s Toolbox than it was to manage then.

I found that it helped to lean on a little medical and psychology journals, and to listen to the training provided by hospice nurses. Straight talk was the best therapy, especially when offered in the spirit of kindness and preparedness.

In their very well-written book, Living with Dying, Jahnna Beecham, widely published author, and hospice nurse Katie Ortlip, LCSW, talk about Jahnna’s journey to help her father transition through death. Katie became his hospice nurse and helped the family find joy not only to celebrate his life, but also prepare the family for Jahnna’s father’s final journey. We cover some of the depth of this amazing book in The Caregiver’s Bistro podcast, but you’ve got to read Living With Dying to learn so much more.

  • What happens to the body in the last months, weeks and days of life?
  • What is a good death and what can we do to make that happen?
  • Does Medicare cover nursing homes or caregivers?
  • We hear a lot of stories about families battling at the bedside, unable to agree on the care of their loved on. How can people avoid that?
  • How do you talk with someone who is dying about final arrangements and other practical matters?

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