"This book is a Godsend! I wish my family would have had this 6 years ago when wife went through Cancer. As I read this I quickly realized how far reaching the tools are and that everyone will need these one day. I truly appreciate all the research, time and effort the authors took to pull this all together. I have and will continue to recommend this book to all I know. God bless these authors!"

Forrest Jackson

“An invaluable mix of compassion and information. The Caregiver’s Toolbox is an important companion for anyone guiding another through the health care system.”

Deborah Shouse

Author of Love in the Land of Dementia, and Connecting In the Land of Dementia

"The Caregiver’s Toolbox helps simplify and accelerate the process of turning the average person into the extraordinary caregiver. Carolyn and Peter have equipped caregivers to maintain life balance while absorbing the additional demands of providing care to our loved ones."

Ian K. Gordon

SVP Regence Health Insurance Operations

"In their superb treatise The Caregiver’s Toolbox, Carolyn Hartley and Peter Wong outline not only a modern, technology-driven approach to delivering this care, but more importantly, a humanistic one."

Robert Tennant

Director, Health Information Technology Policy, MGMA

"As an attorney, I am commonly faced with assisting clients who are dealing with aged family members. The Caregiver's Toolbox is a must-have for those with aged or ill family members."

Ben Locklar


"Simply an excellent reference and planning guide for caring for a senior parent or family member. Very thoughtful and detailed with checklists and resources."


"I am blown away by the thoroughness of this book as it provides the reader with information that can help us prepare for the inevitable. The authors' compassion for caregivers is evident in the way they thoughtfully and compassionately explored the experience of providing care for a love one. You can tell their life experiences had profound impact on the way they developed and outlined the use of the checklists, forms and technologies in organizing medical records, legal records, financial records, etc. I am recommending this book to my friends, church members and associates. There is no doubt a book like this was need to help us understand, navigate and survive the ever changing world of health care and end of life planning."

Ricky Locklar

"A must-have for any caregiver"

Amazon Reviewer